INDY music awards - highlighting the very best in emerging live music

The INDY Music Awards were created in 2007 to celebrate, reward and recognise the hard work of live music venues, promoters and the talented artists they showcase and help develop.

For more information about the INDY awards 2007, please click here

Originally focusing on London the awards are now encompassing the whole of the UK with a special International Award nominated by venues and promoters outside the kingdom.

how the awards work


Registrations & Nominations

Independent Live Music Venues and their Promoters who wish to participate should register with us. Once you have registered you will be contacted by email to allow you to make your nominations. Please make sure you read the Rules of Entry before making your nominations

STAGE 2: February 2008 - COMPLETE

Artist Profiles

Once Venues and Promoters have registered they will be able to nominate their favorite 4 artists that played for them in 2007. This stage of the process ensures we identify the very best 'live' performers. Once the nominations have been made we will contact the artists, inform them of their nominations and ask them to select the musical award category and upload artist information for their Artist Profile.

STAGE 3: February 2008 - March 2008   COMPLETE

Public Voting

The public will vote for Nominated Artists, voting starts on February 1st via this website with email registration as security. One vote will be allowed per individual email address. Artists will be able to download artwork, banners and buttons etc from this site to help drive votes. This stage demonstrates the artist popularity. Voting Closes on March 31st.

STAGE 4: April 2008


The winners will be announced at a Gala Awards Ceremony held at The Forum, Kentish Town, London on Friday 25th April 2008 with the cream of the independent music industry and media in attendance.

STAGE 5: April 2008

Gala Awards Ceremony

The winners will be announced at a Gala Awards Ceremony held in April 2008 with the cream of the independent music industry and media in attendance.

what makes the indy awards unique

The INDY Music Awards are NOT a competition, we don't offer prizes and we don't exploit the artists fan base by charging for voting. Artists cannot enter themselves - they must be nominated by live music venues or promoters. For Rules of Entry click here.

Last year 218 artists were nominated out of an estimated 40,000 who played at participating venues. We believe strongly as does the industry, in the importance of 'live' performance. The INDY Music Awards identify the top 0.5% of artists currently on the live music circuit. To be nominated for an award is a major achievement in itself and we invest a considerable amount of time and resource in highlighting the awards, participating promoters and venues and the nominated, shortlisted and winning artists to the public at large and the music industry in general.

The credibility and sustainability of the awards are directly related to the quality and future success of the artists we help identify, reward and promote. Your support is not only appreciated but also crucial to further all our aspirations.